Past and Present Members of Celtic Thunder


Clicking on a name will take you to a page with a list of songs they are tagged in.


Colm Keegan–Newest member; joined in May 2012.
Keith Harkin
Neil Byrne
Ryan Kelly


Daniel Furlong–Left when the 2011 tour wrapped up.  Was only signed to the group as a featured guest.
Damian McGinty–Left when he won “The Glee Project”. Finale aired on August 21, 2011.
Emmet Cahill–Left the group January 13, 2014 to launch his solo career.
George Donaldson–Tragically passed of a massive heart attack on March 12, 2014 at his home in Glasgow.  He was 46.
Paul Byrom–Left December 9, 2010.  He has said he will pitch in when needed and when he can as he pursues his solo career.

12 thoughts on “Past and Present Members of Celtic Thunder

  1. Rachel Lindberg

    Thank you sooo much for these lyrics! I can never find them (especially the Gaelic lyrics) anywhere so I truly appreciate you putting them up here!
    Oh, and there’s another new member who JUST joined: Daniel Furlong. 13 year old boy soprano who won the All Ireland Talent competition this year. In case you’re updating the page soon :)

  2. Beth Moore

    Celtic Thunder touches my very heartstrings ….. almost every evening before bedtime I listen to their various presentations on my computer, and I go to sleep hearing one or other of them running through my mind. Very beautiful in word and thought and sound. Thank you for enriching my eighty-two year old life.

  3. Janice Gentry

    Bought tickets to see Celtic Thunder here in Australia1213 Not knowing that they have new members,disappointed I will not see two of my favourites

  4. Janice Gentry

    Disappointed that I am not going to see two of my favorites in Celtic Thunder when I go to their concert on the Gold Coast in Australia

  5. Marlene Friedrich

    As far as I’m concerned, Paul Byrom doesn’t need to ‘pitch in’ any time soon. He’s ‘way too full of himself and didn’t fit in with the rest of the group when he was appearing with them. It would be good to have Damian back, but not at the expense of losing one of the current group.

    I’m STILL hoping to get a mailing address for the CT Fan Club because I DO NOT want to go on Facebook. I don’t think CT realizes how much their fan base is limited by only doing Facebook. I love the group, but after writing a total of 5 personal letters and getting no responses, I am disappointed, to say the least, and I really want to know how to reach them via “Snail Mail”, NOT electronically.

    M. Friedrich

  6. I am from Canada and have listened to Celtic Thunder since 2007 absolutely love them all. I also miss Damion but not Paul so much. Felt his style was a little to classical. However, my favorite is Keith. Have tickets to see the group in Edmonton in March 2015 and very excited about that.

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